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We respond to Yole Développement on augmented reality

YD: OLED-on-Silicon is a mature technology but has long been affiliated with specific applications like electronic viewfinders, sports optics and defense. What are the advantages of this technology compared to the other incumbent ones? Gunther Haas (GH): First of all, one main differentiator of OLED-on-Silicon technology compared to other established microdisplay technologies like LCoS is […]

MICROOLED raises 8 Million€ – Excerpt from Display Daily

MICROOLED, a leading provider of low-power high-resolution OLED microdisplays, announces an €8 million growth investment provided by two pan European high-tech investors, Cipio Partners and Ventech. These investors will join the company’s Board of Directors along with the historical investor Supernova Invest through CEA Investissement. MICROOLED offers cutting-edge OLED microdisplays to a broad and global […]

“People want sports eyewear that’s smart, not smart glasses for sport”

An interview from Materialise with Eric Marcellin-Dibon, CEO, and Xavier Bonjour, Product Marketing Manager of Microoled, the company behind ActiveLook – one of the newest concepts in smart sports tech. Welcome both. Can you perhaps start by telling us about ActiveLook? Xavier: Of course. ActiveLook is a system that enables sports brands and eyewear manufacturers […]