Primacy of excellence

Taking near-eye display designs
to the next level

Developing quality excellent microdisplays requires a market vision and the ability to deliver the expertise gained through hundreds of projects and applications.
That’s why we keep investing in talented people, advanced technologies, and research, providing the best fitting answer to our clients expectations.

As one of the Pioneers within microdisplays products, we have pushed energy efficiency to the edge, delivering high-performance Near-Eye Displays (NED) for a wide range of products, that include video glasses, head-mounted sports devices, camera viewfinders, medical applications, and many other professional devices worldwide.

Great picture quality
with the world’s
highest pixel density

Great picture quality
with the world’s
highest pixel density

A unique low voltage Oled technology that enables high brightness and low power consumption

Our driving principles

Image sharpness, energy-saving, easy integration

The highest pixel density

Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to offer AMOLED microdisplays with extremely sharp images even in low light conditions.

The lower power consumption

A MICROOLED display uses several hundred times less energy compared to a monitor with equivalent image size and resolution.

Fast and easy integration

Ultra-compact, thin, lightweight and low system complexity solution for easy integration in the limited space of products and components.

Fields of Applications

Microdisplay solutions application ranging multiple fields

MICROOLED has developed specific displays for sports eyewear, delivering a compactness, high brightness and efficiency, which have achieved
a record of quality in the application of OLED technology.
The ActiveLook division was born from this experience, offering modular solutions adopted by prestigious sports brands.





Through our continuous technology development efforts, MICROOLED contributes to significant improvements in medical equipment. We provide OLED microdisplays for excellent vision in sophisticated medical equipment such as endoscopes, surgical microscopes, and medical magnifying glasses.


Smart glasses for the visually impaired

Table slit lamp and Ophthalmic Instruments

Ocular diagnostic equipment Autorefractometer

Smart glasses surgeon for endoscopy or preoperative

Ever higher expectations on image definition and the increasing number of competent users are our driving forces to develop displays for the best quality viewfinders in digital cameras and camcorders. Your viewfinder integrating MICROOLED technology ensures a clear and crisp image with superb picture quality.


High resolution image quality

Cinema camera

High-end binoculars, bird spotting scopes and riflescopes, laser range finder… for the advanced user, MICROOLED displays make the difference in outdoor sports optic equipment. You will be amazed by the performance in detection range, contrast and clarity that our OLED microdisplays bring to sports optics. Moreover, our high-efficiency technology will prevent you from running
out of battery.


High and binocular

Digital night vision

Thermal imaging

Our displays are used in a growing number of applications supporting low enforcement and security forces in situational awareness, thermal imaging, simulation and training.
The applications include helmet heads-up displays, digital viewfinders, and wearable electronic displays.


High end binocular

Digital night vision

Thermal imaging

Fusion Imaging