Why choose MICROOLED for your near-eye display ?

The reasons are numerous.
  • The MICROOLED technology provides excellent image quality based on:
  • Ultra High Contrast (“Black is black”) is an essential feature for high image quality as required e.g. for viewfinders and low-light devices.
  • MICROOLED’s unique architecture enables the highest resolution ever, due to a combination of high pixel density, “quad-type” subpixel arrangement and the absence of a “black matrix”.
  • Very High Brightness uniformity offers very smooth images, both long range and pixel-to-pixel uniformity are excellent.
  • MICROOLED’s wafer level colour filter manufacturing technology offers wide viewing angle with no loss in quality while maintaining the same colour and contrast.
  • The MICROOLED highly efficient technology reduces power consumption by typically 2-3 times compared to competitors, extending battery life of your products.
  • Our microdisplays offer response times far below one microsecond over the whole temperature range, resulting in completely blur-free images, even of fast moving objects.
  • The MICROOLED 120 frame-per-second support reduces latency time to its strict minimum, which is a key quality factor for electronic viewfinders.
  • The MICROOLED RGBW subpixel arrangement opens for a wide range of new display upgradings such as wider dynamic range and longer lifetime.
  • Every MICROOLED display integrates an individually calibrated Look-up table to ensure homogeneous white point and gamma correction.   
  • The MICROOLED innovative ”Dimming” function enables excellent contrast and colorimetry at extremely low brightness conditions.
  • With various reference designs and application notes, we share with you our longstanding experience of successful integration in customer’s systems, and our team of experienced and devoted professionals will support you in your product development.